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Tsuba de hierro bruñido

Estilo: Cho Hokei


2015-01-29 05:00:00
tengo kimotsuki katana, le he puesta esta tsuba y ahora la katana se ve perfecta a mi gusto. muy sencilla, muy bella. La caja en que vino, vino rota.
2014-12-09 05:00:00
The Hisamatsu set is my first purchase from katana mart. they are well made the finish is quite good in fact excellent for sword in this price range. quality is very very good, performance has yet to be determined but with a preliminary cut or two through tatami mats has been good so far, my only detractor and that would be very slight is the sword could be sharper. The service and advice is first rate and without complications, Advice given is accurate and what appears to be knowledgeable. I Would have no complaints or bothers with Katana Mart. Notification of shipping was quick and traceable with little difficulty. I will use Katana mart for a great deal more transactions.
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